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Updated Swap table layout for Hoffman Estates Marriott (Note this is a draft version) 

First NameLast Name Organization Vendor Items
orlandoescobarLive Daphnia
AlexNixonHikari Frozen Food
MugwumpJon MillerFish angels, cories, plecos..
RickBoesterLake Malawi African cichlids. Haps, peacocks, and dragon bloods. Fry and young available on pre orders. Details can be seen on facebook page: Boesters African Cichlids. Availability on each each photo in the photo section. Email = 815-885-2054.
KaseyClarkPrism Bettas Show quality imported and locally bred bettas
JeremyBatesCichlids, Frontosa
RickBorsteinChicago Livebearer SocietyPlants, driftwood, livebearers and more!
DanBarmoreSynodontis petricola, Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Labeotropheus fuelleborni “Chalo”, Placidochromis Jalo Reef. Email:
JohnCoreyJC's Fish & ShrimpNeocaridina Shrimp (Fire Red, Blue Dream, Black Rose, Orange Sakura), guppies, green dragon plecos, etc.
JeffreyMoyExotic Discus LLCWorld Champion Breeder Tony Tan’s Discus Fish
ChrisHazardI can deliver to the swap on December 2nd. 608-444-9183 Peacock males; beanschi, hia reef, lwanda, eureka red, turkis, ngara. Juvenile peacocks; beanschi, eureka red, flavescent, lwanda, ngara, lemon jake. Placidochromis Jalo Reef, Copidochromis mloto ivory, Sciaenochromis iceberg ahli, Copidochromis borleyi nkhata; bristlenose: brown, albino and calico; Synodontis petricola; alto. Compressiceps red, Cyprichromis luvia(blue orchid), Cyprichromis mpulungu, Xenotilapia sp. yellow princess bathyphilus
TristanWatsonTristan's Tropical Fish LLCApistogramma, rams, koi angelfish and scarlet badis.
JimLehneralbino angels , Koi angels Fishroom supplies
LucasBretzFish, Shrimp, Plants and Misc
VarunKamatChicago Ornamental Shrimp SocietyShrimp and items for shrimp tanks.
ReneValtierraChicago Aquarium Club(CAC)Angels, Discus, Live Bearers, Snails, Dry Goods, & More. Email with any questions or to make pre-orders.
bobnesnidal flake and pellet foods, heaters, filters
Mike MurrFish
JeremyBatesCichlids, Frontosa
JeremyBatesCichlids, Frontosa
SteveBottsBringing the usual fish, plants and equipment.
Dave Sielaffdry goods and several types of african cichlids
JohnAntolakorganic blackwormssome good stuff cheap
jessebebowBeebs Fishroom and DNA CichlidsPeacocks Haps
JimNowobielskiRainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows Check out what I will be bringing in GCCA classifields NON CICHLID and Scavengers one week before swap. Presales are welcome, email to Check out my Rainbowfish facebook group page.... Jim's Rainbowfish
SairAliFish fish discus fish koi Angel fancy goldfish koi goldfish
LeonidFlimanDD Black Veil Angel Fish, Black Rams, Dutch Rams, Apistogramma Cacatuoides 'Double Red', Albino and Brown standard fin Bristlenose Plecos, Assassin Snales.
GreenwaterGreenwaterGreenwater Aquarist Society and fishhGreenwater Aquarist Society Club Table. Wonderful plants and fish as well as the best of pro info as to their care. Ask Steve if thaqt doesnt work out well.
BobBorgerCaptain Bob's FishtalesFish foods
Jo AnnFujiiChicago Aquatic Plant SocietyThe Chicago Aquatic Plant Society will be selling hobbyist-grown plants and mosses from easy-to-grow to specialty aquatic plants for aquascaping. Since we grow our own plants, we know they are in top condition. In addition, we will have wood and rock of various sizes for sale for aquascaping your tanks. Come see what we have for sale! Our members will be at the swap table and can answer any questions about growing aquatic plants and help select the right plants and wood for your tank.
DeniseEricksonAssortment of new and old world cichlids.
GreenwaterGreenwaterGreenwater Aquarist Society and fishhGreenwater Aquarist Society Club Table. Wonderful plants and fish as well as the best of pro info as to their care. Ask Steve if that doesnt work out well.
GreenwaterGreenwaterGreenwater Aquarist Society and fishhGreenwater Aquarist Society Club Table. Wonderful plants and fish as well as the best of pro info as to their care. Ask Steve if that doesnt work out well.
MarkHuffmanMark of Excellence AquaticsPlants, Plants and More Plants, from the basics to the more rare, I have many Swords, Crypts and Anubias including a lot of other specialty plants, I also have Spiderwood so You can preorder here on the Ads page or hit me at Mark of Excellence Aquatics on Facebook or email me at I am sorry But I will not be here in person at this Swap, but My plants will be accompanied by my faithful Crew, Thank you for your support, You have been Great !
PhilSalantPhilthys Fine Fish and Carl's Angelfish ConnectionPhilthy's Fine Fish 608-576-7555 or "Python Islands" - full color males: each 3 for . I have 1.5" unsexed for 6 for . Breeding group 6 large females and 1 stud male . "Christmas Fulus" full color males: each 3 for . I have 1.5" unsexed for 6 for , 1) 5" male . Breeding group 5" male and 3 females . "Red Empress" I have 1.5" unsexed for 6 for . I have breeding group 1 5" Stud Male and 6 females . "Bristlenose Plecos" 1.5-1.75" 6 for brown and albino standard fin, have quantities. Pleco 2.5" breeding pairs: /pair. "Cynotilapia Afra "Jalo Reef" 1.5" fish 5 for . Breeding group 1) 5" male and 5 females . "Goldhead Compressorceps" 1.5" 5 for . I have 10 total. HEATER BLOWOUT: 100W , 200W , 300W , 500W great heaters. These are Carl's presale prices! Silver Angels (nickel size) 5@ Philippine Blue Dark Marbles (nickel size) 6@ Albino Cats 6@ Electric Blue Acara (all sizes) call for prices Bolivian Rams 4@ Call Carl @ 414-397-9216
RandyBlaszczykFrozen fish food
JustinDatavsDatzcichlidsA huge variety of African Cichlids.
JerryLeBreeding pair discus Frontosa Julidochromis Flowerhorn
CharlesFeretChicago Style GoldfishFancy Goldfish Neocaridina and Caridina Shrimp Endlers Livebearers
KorySmithFinsNthings.comFish, Rare Plants, Ornamental Shrimp, Mosses and Supplies. I’ll have a wide variety of shrimp foods and supplies to meet all your needs. Please stop by and say HI.
FrankBalderasFlowerhorn and Flowerhorn Food
TrevorO'GormanCastle Cichlids & Plecos I Will be bringing lake malawi Cichlids, lake Tanganyika Cichlids, Plecos, a few livebears, marina breeder boxs medium and large, fish bags (3 MIL), filters, heaters, decor used but no longer in use and in good condition
dustinshearerMidwest Exotic FishLarge Haps and Peacocks Also a variety of Tanganyikan Cichlids.
MohammedBilaluddinManzanita Driftwood and rock caves
LarryGreningDiscus , Angels , ApistoGramma and Julidichromis , and Plecos
GregSmithFish cichlids
CorneliusAnolingFlowerhorns, equipments, fishfood,


2018 10 07 Swap 690

Buy fish, plants, equipment and much more!

GCCA's Swap Meet is a great place to buy fish, plants, food, equipment and more!

  • Buy directly from the breeder and make your best deal!
  • Four times a year these fish swaps have the largest selection of fish available in the Midwest
  • Find fish that you can't find at any local fish store.
  • This is the one biggest Most vendors sell fish that they raise themselves.
  • Most vendors sell fish that they raise themselves.
  • Take a look at our Club Classifieds to see a preview into some of this the vendors are bringing

Arrive early for the best selection!

Where and When

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

10AM to 2PM

Marriott Hoffman Estates
4800 Hoffman Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL. 60192 | Map and Directions


$5.00 for everyone
Kids under 15 free with an Adult admission
All sales are exclusively between buyer and seller. Ask sellers about their refund policy.



Dear Cichlid friends, thank you for your enthusiastic response on my recently posted photos of the SHALLOW WATER OF KIPILLI. For this, I edit a small movie, from that location with the same title. This recording achieved about to a depth of up to two meters. I hope you find in these images even more inspiration to decorate your aquarium as well as possible for our beloved cichlids, so that they have an optimally simulated natural habitat. I do not know if some of you have such a large aquarium to mimic in a sunken boat , but there are some shots taken at the end of the movie to give you an idea how much life around it is located. I hope you enjoy watch in HD.

Posted by Hans van Heusden on Saturday, February 7, 2015

New GCCA Chatter for January, 2014.

Note you need to be a member & logged in to access it

Rumor has it that someone in our club has a group of these and is trying to BAP them


As I am a big fan of the Copadichromis species here is a cool video of Copadichromis sp kawnaga Mbamba bay


The website Seriously Fish reports that two new species of Victorian cichlids have been described. There is a huge amount of work yet to be done on the taxonomy of Victorian cichlids, so this is welcome news.

The two newly described fish are Haplochromis argens and Haplochromis goldschmitti

For the complete article with pictures:


I have started to spawn more and more cichlids and thought, it would be nice to share my approach and techniques for raising fry. This article will focus on the techniques and approaches that I have adapted to use to raise and grow out my fry. These techniques are simple and have been pretty successful, resulting in relatively good results. I like to keep things simple and easy and often look for the simplest and easiest way to be successful.

Credit has to given to the members of the GCCA club, as a lot of my experience comes from techniques shared to me by other club members.  I take no credit for any of these ideas as being original or being applicable in all circumstances.

LED lights are all the rage these days, offering promises of dramatically lower energy consumption and long life.

Until recently, all aquarium LED lighting systems were external units intended to be placed on top of a tank. Marineland has recently introduced their new Hidden LED Lighting System which is fully enclosed and waterproof. It can be used inside an aquarium hood or actually submersed in the water.

I have a dual stack of custom-made 50 gallon tanks which are fully enclosed. To light these tanks, I use marine-style fluorescent end caps powered by an external ballast. Recently, one set of end-caps shorted out blowing out my expensive Ott bulb.

It was time to try something new and hence this review. At the ACA Convention, I heard of this new product, so I had it in mind. I paid about $48 US on sale for a 17" unit.

Marineland offers both a 17" and 21" version of the Hidden LED Lighting System which combines 6,500K white and 460nm blue LEDs for general aquarium illumination. The switch provided is 3-way (Off, Blue, and Blue+White LEDs) which equates to off, lunar and daytime lighting. Marineland does not rate either lighting system by tank size or watts. Instead, these units are rated in lumens. I don't think most freshwater aquarists are familiar with lumen ratings, but the 17-inch until offers 400 lumens and the 21" unit comes in at 550 lumens.


Either the 17 or 21-inch unit may be attached with suction cups or by clipping to the tank frame. Marineland provides a clever attachment system that works well. I used the clips to attach to an internal rail I installed in my tank. It's easy to pull the unit out for cleaning.

An external switch is provided and the small power supply is plugged into it. Here are a couple of illustrations so you get the idea:

Marineland Hidden LED Lighting System Diagram 

Installation Options

How well does it work?

The lunar light mode provides a nice blue accent to the tank. This is a great mode to use first thing in the morning when you are trying to wake up your fish.

With all LEDs on, however, lighting for my 50 gallon tank was inadequate. Marineland bills this item as a "complete, submersible lighting system" and given the price, I was expecting higher light output. The light output might be OK for a smaller tank, for example a 15-20 gallon tank. 

The light has a shimmering effect because the blue LEDs are always on. It's kind of cool, but it makes it a bit hard to see the fish. 


I can't give a glowing (no pun intended) recommendation for this product because the light output is so low. I own several other Marineland LED systems, such as the Single Brite units and they seem markedly brighter to me. It could be that the Single Brite systems include a tiny reflector behind each LED which amplifies light. The 18" Single Brite is rated at 300 lumens compared to the 400 lumen 17" Hidden LED system and it appears twice as bright to me. 

I use an 18" Single Brite on a 40G tank of about the same size and the illumination is great.

Final Thoughts

I wish Marineland had forgone the blue LEDs and included more white leds with a better reflector. This product really is a great idea, but it falls short in execution.

Fortunately, I don't grow plants and the fish don't seem to mind the light. I was happy I was able to find a product to replace my end caps and lower my energy costs, but I compromised on having a nicely lit tank.

Saw this video on another site and thought it was phenomenal and had to share.


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