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Alex Scharnberg speaks on West African Dwarf Riverine Cichlids

Alex Sharnberg 250 250Alex got into tropical fish when he was 8 years old with his dad getting him a 5 gallon tank. One of the earliest fish he became hooked on was the common krib, Pelvicachromis pulcher. Since then he has been interested in reptiles, birds, orchids, native colubrid snakes and tarantulas.

After keeping and breeding a wide variety of snakes and tarantulas as well as fish and plants he has settled back into keeping tropical fish, orchids and roses. He spent a few years in the tropical fish business with Fintastic, until it closed. Currently he specializes in West African riverine cichlids, and the genus Pelvicachromis, with nine tanks, about 40 orchids and other tropicals, 60 rose bushes and other outdoor plants, at his condominium in Central Charlotte. He is an elementary school science teacher, board vice president of the Charlotte Civic Orchestra, and president of the Charlotte Area Aquarists Society.

Guests are always welcome at our meetings.

If you like fish or cichlids, come and hang out with us!

Delta Hotel by Marriott | 6PM
1400 Milwaukee Ave, Glenview, IL 60025 | Map and Directions

Updated Swap table layout for Hoffman Estates Marriott (Note this is a draft version) 

First NameLast Name Organization Vendor Items
BilalMohammedManzanita Driftwood
AlexNixonHikari Frozen Fish Food, Sponge Filters, Heaters, Flake, New Life Spectrum Pellet, TONS OF DRIFTWOOD!
RandyBlaszczykFrozen fish food and assorted fish
JohnCoreyJC's FIsh & ShrimpNeocaridina shrimp (Fire Red, Blue Dream, Black Rose, Orange), Bristlenose plecos (Green dragon, Super Red), and more.
DanBarmoreSynodontis petricola, Labidochromis caeruleus, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Bristlenose Plecostomus Email:
Mat& Jenn RehbergM&J AquaticsFish
JeremyBatesFrontosa, cichlids,
MarkHuffmanI am your Plant Vendor, I have many types of Swords, Crypts and Anubias, along with a lot of rarer plants too, So if you’re looking for something harder to find email me at or hit me on Facebook at Mark of Excellence Aquatics. Pre-orders welcome!!!! I want to Thank all my loyal customers, you all make this hobby what it is and because of this I try to give you better plants and at a better price than anyone.
DeniseEricksonassortment of new world and old world cichlids
KaseyClarkPrism BettaHigh Quality Imported Show Bettas
MikeHellwegDwarf Cichlids, Nano Fish, community fish, plants
RobertCGuppy Associates International ChicagoIFGA show quality guppies, cories, plecos, live plants, food and NEW equipment.
MikeDonovanHouse of 1000 Fish Fish
FrankO'Neillangelfish plecostomus
MarkSchmidtFish equipment
Mike MurrFish
Robert and GaleBorgerCaptain Bob'sCaptain Bob's Fish Food
DaveBoyceMel's Finny BusinessAfrican Cichlids Lemon Jakes Turkis Lwanda Ruby Reds many other breeds
JimLehnerFish, f2 silver angels, petricola cats, fish room supplies
RichardBertokJulidochromis Dickfeldi, Neolamprologus "Daffodil" Brichardi, Brown Bristlenose plecos, Saratherodon caroli
SairAliFish Discus fish .koi butterfly
JimNowobielskiRainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows Check out my classified ad one week before swap in Non Cichlids and Scavengers for Availability list or on my facebook group page called.... Jim's Rainbowfish
MugwumpJon MillerJon's AngelsKoi, fry and misc angels....albino cory's, BN's
Dave Sielafflarge peacocks and haps along with numerous dry goods
MarcusWeesnerMadTown Aquaculture LLC.Victorian, Mbuna, Central and South American cichlids, NEW Led Lights, Driftwood and Cholla Wood. Please check out my Facebook Page (MadTown Aquaculture) for a full stock list. I also have ads posted on GCCA Website.
ReneValtierraChicago Aquarium Club(CAC)Fish
RickBoesterLake Malawi African cichlids. Haps, peacocks, and dragon bloods. Fry and young available on pre orders. Details can be seen on facebook page: Boesters African Cichlids. Availability on each each photo in the photo section. Email = 815-885-2054.
Alee/John/RichardYangFlowerhorns, super red dragon, Kamfamalau, white eye kamfa, F0.5 kamfas, etc....message me if you are interested in Flowerhorns. We have over 100 Flowerhorns 3-5 inch in stock. Another 2-3 proven pairs for sale, some Thai sulks and so on. 4147021010
ChrisHazardI can deliver to the swap on March 10th. text at 608-444-9183 Peacock males; beanschi, lwanda, eureka red, ngara. Juvenile peacocks; beanschi, eureka red, turkis, ngara, lemon jake. Placidochromis Jalo Reef, Copidochromis mloto ivory, Sciaenochromis iceberg ahli, Copidochromis borleyi nkhata; bristlenose: brown, albino and calico; Synodontis petricola; alto. Compressiceps red, Xenotilapia sp. yellow princess bathyphilus
FreshwaterExoticsWild Caught Plecos & Cichlids
BobSturnfieldLivebearers, Endlers, and Fancy Guppies
LeonidFlimanBlack Rams, Albino and Brown standard fin plecos from 1" to young adults, Black Angels, Apistogramma Cacatuoides 'Double Red', assassin snails.
PhilSalantPhilthy's Fine Fish & Carl's Angelfish ConnectionPhilthy's Fine Fish 608-576-7555 or Python Islands - full color males 25 each. I have 1.5 in. unsexed for 5 for 25. Breeding group 6 large females and 1 stud male 90. Christmas Fulus full color males: 25 each. I have 1.5 unsexed for 5 for . Red Empress I have 1.25 in. unsexed for 5 for 20. Bristlenose Plecos 1.5-1.75 in. 6 for 12 brown and albino standard fin. Cynotilapia Afra Jalo Reef" 1.25 4 for 20. Goldhead Compressorceps 6 giant parents 200, 2 5 in. males 4 4 in. females Or babies 1.5 5 for 30. I have 10 total. NGARA Flametails have small amount of 1-1.25 in. juvies, 5 for 25, pre-order only. 1 full color male NGARA 25 P. TREWAVASEA have small amount of 1-1.25 juvies, 5 for 20, pre-order only. HEATER BLOWOUT: 100W 12, 200W 15, 300W 18, 500W 20 great heaters. Carl's Angelfish Connection- Large Philippine Blue Angels 4@ Medium Philippine Blue Dark Marbles 6@ Medium Black Angels 5@ Large Bolivian Rams 4@ Large Turquoise Rainbows 3@ Call Carl @ 1-414-397-9216
DylanButzlaffDNA Cichlid’s African cichlids
LarryGreningBringing Apistos , Discus and Julidichromis , and Misc.
DennisVirnichTropheus petrochromis peacocks plecos frozen food
NicholasBarryGingerbread Tropical Fish & coral IncFish Dry goods
WilliamMoranDiscus, Angelfish, Guppies, Plecos, Cory's and Swordtails.
ScottMillerChicago Aquatic Plant SocietyThe Chicago Aquatic Plant Society will be at the GCCA Swap Meet selling hobbyist-grown plants and mosses from easy-to-grow to specialty aquatic plants for aquascaping. Since we grow our own plants, we know they are in top condition. In addition, we will have wood and stone of various sizes for sale for aquascaping your tanks. Come see what we have for sale! Our members will be at the swap table and can answer any questions about growing aquatic plants and help select the right plants and hardscape for your tank.
VarunKamatChicago Ornamental Shrimp SocietyShrimp, Shrimp related dry goods
bobnesnidal pellet and flake foods, filters, heaters......
JeffMichelsDwarf Cichlids and Tetras Please check out my fish list at and consider placing a preorder so you get the fish you want.
BrantleyBerryPlecocavesCaves caves huts pleco caves discus cones, xtreme food close out
JustinDatavsDatzcichlidsPremium African Cichlids with premium foods
LucasBretzHomebred and grown Fish, Shrimp, and Plants